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Beauty Wtih Brains - Ishrat JahanShe is arguably the most beautiful of all female politicians serving in Delhi today. But this is not her only claim to fame or rather her reason to rise in politics. Her brain perfectly match the exterior beauty that nature has bestowed on her. She is articulate and knows where to mince words and where to conjoin them into speech. Much before Congress yuvraj Rahul Gandhi organised his famous pathshala for Congress spokespersons and told them to become active on social media and even much before the Delhi Chief Minister realized the importance of social media and enrolled an external agency to develop and promote her page on Facebook, she was using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to her fans, followers and friends with details of development work being carried out in her small constituency in East Delhi.

Ishrat Jahan would have gone unnoticed among the political bigwigs of Delhi but for some of the traits that emerge and make her popular even outside the boundaries of the Municipal Ward of Ghondli, from where she is a Corporator on Congress’s ticket. Her sincere approach, mettle of steel and willingness to really contribute for development has endeared her to the political bosses including the Member Parliament from East Delhi – Sandeep Dikshit – and even so his mother – the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Ishrat Jahan with other participants

Ishrat Jahan with other participants

This perhaps is the reason why she was chosen as one of the budding politicians from India, for participation in The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) – Regional Political Training Program for Young Political Leaders in Asia headed by Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister, Director of Regional Political Dialogue with Asia of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) on its fourth batch of participants from different part of Asia which successfully concluded the second (2nd) training workshop, “Local Governance and Planning Development” held in Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore City, Singapore recently. The first of the training program was held in Yangon, Myanmar a few months earlier which focused on “Political Parties Systems and Democracy”. Ishrat Jahan represented India in this program as well.

Ishrat was upbeat when chosen to go to attend the program. She wrote on her facebook timeline: “A special thanks to the Delhi Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit and Shri Sandeep Dikshit for choosing my name for the young politician conference in Singapore. Being grateful to you mam.” It is small communications like this and an unending endeavour to keep the constituents aware of the developments in and around her political turf that Ishrat has gained a lot of followers and supporters. “I even get comments from my elders, brothers and sisters from Bijnore (a small town in western Uttar Pradesh) to where I belong, who are glad to know what I am doing.” Adds she further: “I have always felt that right kind of communication and work, is key in conveying the positive work our government has done, and is doing.”Tells Ishrat about the training program abroad: “This program aims to build the capabilities of the political parties for the participants to address problems within the organization as well as respond to the interests of the various public sectors. The program is phased over a two-year period that seeks to provide training to build the political parties’ capabilities and thus requires each participant to have an output in the form of a “political project” that will ensure that the participants can indeed apply what they have learned and will also serve as the first step towards better political party systems and will ensure the strengthening of democratic practices in Asia.”

Being a comparative new entrant to politics, Ishrat feels the program gave her the much-needed exposure to politics in the international arena. “Interactions with budding politicians from various other countries of Asia also enabled us to share our views and experiences.” Young politicians from Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Timor Leste and India participated in the program.

Ishrat Jahan (extreme right) with two other participants

Ishrat Jahan (extreme right) with two other participants

But why Ishrat out of scores of young politicians who are trying to make their mark felt? Fact is that only an experienced eye of Sandeep Dikshit and her mother Sheila Dikshit could have noticed the mettle that fills the delicate frame of Ishrat Jahan. Barely two years old in politics, Ishrat dared to challenge one of East Delhi’s most strong politician – Dr. Harshvardhan of BJP – through peaceful street dharna and public speaking when the latter inaugurated a community block in East Delhi. Wrote she on her timeline: “The inauguration of community centre, Block 10 Geeta Colony, Krishna Nagar Vidhan Sabha, done by Dr. Harshvardhan today was a mere publicity stunt and a gimmick to woo voters in these last months of his tenure. The work of the same centre has been done by Yamuna Vikas Board (Delhi Govt. under Smt. Sheila Dixit ji). No protocol has been followed by Dr. Harshvardhan for the same and we gathered there today to make people aware of the same. Hon’ble MP (Sandeep Dikshit) and chairman of Yamuna Vikas Board were not invited too which is against the said protocol.”

Beauty, brains, courage and a young lady from the minority community! Is it sign that Ishrat Jahan is being groomed for a bigger role in politics, we quizzed? Other than a smile that lit a thousand lights, she showed no sign that she was pleased to hear this. Said Ishrat soberly: “I am committed to doing my job. My constituents are pleased with my work. That is perhaps the reason why Sandeep Dikshit, the Congress MP from East Delhi, and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit chose me for this special training program. I am extremely thankful to both of them, who have been my mentor and guide always. The trust bestowed on your capabilities make you more vigilant of your duties. I am committed to deliver my best for the Congress.”

Courtesy: RNI (Real News Intl.)

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