Intellectual breed that is coming to the BJP is far more constructive than the Leftist intellectuals: Madhu Kishwar

madhu“Intellectual breed that is coming to the BJP is far more constructive than that of the Left. Leftists gather intellectuals who are only finding faults which is not good for the country. They just have critiques and critiques and critiques to offer. To them, everything is forever wrong. That’s the kind of atmosphere they create! But intellectuals who are getting associated with BJP are successful IT engineers, successful scientists, successful corporates, who have made their career in respective fields. They don’t have to make a career out of poverty mongering or fault finding. In fact, Leftist intellectuals make career out of these wherein we have intellectuals who have made their careers, who are successful already and are concerned about the country. We have people who are problem solvers. Since they are already successful, they do not need to earn their living out of these endeavours; they are only concerned about solving the various problems that India is faced with.”

Freshly back from attending The India Ideas Conclave held in Goa, these are the words that Madhu Kishwar had to offer in an exclusive sit-in with RNI. Said Kishwar about her experience in Goa: “I personally quite enjoyed meeting with such people, listening to them, the positive energy they had come with. They want to do things for India.”

Elaborating further, Kishwar said: “People connected with the BJP had set up a foundation. It was the first time that an attempt had been made to have intellectual exchange with people who are not just within the party but friends and constructive critiques of the party. In that sense, it was a very positive move because BJP had never tried to talk to people outside its own fold. It is sad because no party can grow intellectually if it stays like frog in a well. Secondly, it is important because thus far intellectual forums like these had been totally dominated by the Left. BJP had never created any such intellectual forums where non-party persons were included and issues were discussed through diverse voices. Firstly, this had been the monopoly of left intellectuals and secondly the NGOs who had lately come to occupy large space because they had got the money as well as the backing of international donor agencies.”

Madhu Kishwar is happy that the BJP has for the first time created a forum for those who do not relate to the Left politics and “who find Left politics completely damaging to India’s well-being.” Said she: “I myself have come from the Left spectrum but I have seen how harmful their politics is. So there really was no place for us to go. It was an important endeavour in that sense because I am neither BJP nor I am a loyalist of the BJP party as you can see from my tweets. I support them on issues and I am critical of certain things and there I don’t mince any words. And when I think they are doing something good, we shall celebrate that. There are so many people like me who are constructive critiques of BJP.”

Kishwar is extremely critical of the Left-owned or Left-patronized NGOs. “Left has developed a culture of encasing poverty. Particularly the NGOs associated with them. They see money whenever and wherever there are riots. They will do a study here, but go and read the paper in the Columbia University. Problem occurs here but discussion on it is carried out in America, Denmark and Sweden. I find such jet-setting mechanism very revolting. It is totally reverse in our situation. Intellectuals come from America and speak in India’s interest. Their attempt is to change India for good.”

To those uninitiated, the recently concluded, India Ideas Conclave at Goa represented yet another significant step in Indian Right’s continued quest to build an enduring intellectual infrastructure. Organized by India Foundation, an independent research centre on Indian polity, in association with Government of Goa, the conclave brought together brilliant minds across disciplines that impact human affairs. More than 70 eminent scholars and thinkers addressed a select group of over 400 participants that included eminent academics, global CEOs, renowned scientists, technologists, senior political thinkers and practitioners and media luminaries.


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