When beauty becomes an eye-sore

merin-josephIt took merely 24 hours for a beautiful picture of a young bureaucrat to go viral on social media, inviting thousands of likes on Facebook account and page before the bureaucrat herself deactivated her account. It seldom happens that a person has to deactivate her account only because of her good looks.

It so happened that Merij Joseph, a newly recruited Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from the state of Kerala, posted an innocent looking picture of her in uniform on her own Facebook account. The picture soon became viral with the Merin Joseph IPS page crossing 45,000 likes while the post itself became a hit with more than 12,000 likes.

The 23-year-old’s image was posted on a Facebook page named Kochi pazhava Kochivalla. The post read: “Merin Joseph IPS – How many likes for new ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) of Kochi?” Interestingly, Merin was undergoing training at National Police Academy (NPA) in Hyderabad at the time and had not been given any posting. She is supposed to get her first posting only in January 2015.

This was revealed by Merin herself before she deactivated her account. “An urgent clarification — I am NOT the new ACP of Kochi. Still under training in NPA Hyderabad. Will update when I get my first charge in January next year. Kindly refrain from believing baseless rumours floating in social media. Thanks,” she wrote, before deactivating her account.

Many Facebook users were smitten by Joseph and commented that they were ready to commit crime just to be arrested by her. Meanwhile, Kerala police has launched a probe into the incident. After all, who knows she lands up as the ACP over their heads in the near future!

Social media is increasingly being used by corporate houses and politicians to further their own causes. But incidents like this reveal that we will have to find ways to curtail the evils of social media soon. If a bureaucrat is not spared, what to speak of the rest of us!

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