MP who adopts one village officially and four unofficially under PM Modi’s Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

PhotoLalluSinghWhile most MPs were finding it hard to pin-point a village for adoption under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship initiative Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana under MPLAD, there is an MP in this XVIth Lok Sabha who has not just adopted a village officially but gone ahead to adopt 4 more villages unofficially. PM Modi’s Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana is a rural development and cleanliness program where each member of the Parliament is expected to adopt a village and look after its development.

Kindauli in Amaniganj block of Milkipur Vidhan Sabha constituency is the village that MP from Faizabad Lallu Singh has chosen officially but there are four more villages that he claims to have unofficially adopted which he plans to develop on the same lines as his officially developed village.

Citing reason for this step, Lallu Singh says: “I am a grass-root worker. I maintain personal rapport with the poorest of the poor from all sections in my constituency. I even go to attend marriages and funerals all across the constituency. I am a politician because of my social service, developmental work and outreach among various sections. I as it is have to develop my constituency as I am their representative. If I do this in the name of PM Modi’s Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, nothing better.” Lallu Singh is all praises for PM Modi’s novel project and says if development reaches 800 or so villages every year through this scheme, what can be better than that.

To fetch money for the four unofficial villages that Lallu Singh has adopted, he plans to go to Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, and ‘beg’ the affluent corporates for support in the name of development.

Claiming to be an RSS worker since he was 5 years old, Lallu Singh’s popularity in Faizabad span all communities and castes. Wherever he is at the moment, it is courtesy his association with the Sangh, claims Singh.

About MPLAD Scheme, there have been reports recently that certain Lok Sabha MPs are demanding extra funds besides the 5 crore they get from PMs ambitious village adoption scheme. Several MPs have hardly shown any imagination in using their MPLAD funds and some are even unwilling to adopt a village. There is a growing debate that such representatives should be exposed for not serving their constituency.


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