Kashmir BJP leader wants a Congress free India, wants BJP to be wary of Congressmen entry the party for tickets

BJP Nazuk ShahNazik Hussian Shah, the BJP leader from Darhal assembly constituency is wishing for a Congress-free India in the near future. In a statement sent to Lifewatch/RNI, Shah has said the mission of Congress free India, initiated by Prime Minister Modi in several states should also be carried forth in Rajouri Poonch. This mission can be achieved by avoiding the people who want to jump in BJP only to get Mandate, says Shah.

Addressing meeting of panches, sarpanches and local workers at Ujhan area in Darhal, Nazik Hussain Shah said some leaders are trying to jump fromother political parties into the BJP only to get mandate and party shouldnot allow that to happen. He said that if BJP high command really want to make Congress free India, they should not allow the party leaders in for mandate only because such activity may tarnish the image of the party and people will start thinking that only bottles are being changed but the wine remain the same.

Shah said that he is involved in political activities for the last 4 months in the constituency and has managed to get thousands of people to BJP fold but people are expressing anguish that some political party leaders are trying to get into BJP at this crucial juncture in an attempt to take reins from present leadership. “This will be great injustice with the people who have started showing faith on Prime Minister Narinder Modi,” Shah said. Shah is apprehensive that despite doing years of ground work and his name being proposed by District Body of the Party, some other new entrant to BJP would get the assembly ticket. He is confident that if BJP followed a democratic style of choosing the candidate, he would get more supporters than the others. That is why he argues that BJP should take the democratic vote to choose the candidate for assembly elections. Says he: “BJP will not force a candidate on people but will maintain its democratic character also in Darhal by respecting party panel.”

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