Construction workers meeting to prepare a demand charter for LG

Trade unions, affiliates, intellectuals and others are meeting on November the 22nd in Delhi’s Kalawati Sharan Children’s Hospital Union Office to prepare a demand charter to be given to Lt. Governor – Delhi related to the problems related to construction workers in the city. Information was made available to Lifewatch/RNI by Parthasarthi Jena – Executive Director-Centre for Labour Studies and Manager Chourasia – Secretary, AIUTUC, Delhi state committee)

The draft outline of some of the issues are as follows:

  • Delhi Buidling and other construction workers welfare board should take up the responsibility to provide housing, plots to
    the construction workers. All formalities regarding unauthorized colonies, DDA, Laldora, MCD and no objection certificates if any should be made hassle free by the board and rules should be made simple so that construction workers avail the benefit.
  • Workers/ especially Migrant workers should get the benefits wherever they want plot/ housing benefits in the country and board should take up the issue with the respective state governments/ boards. If necessary Delhi Building and other construction workers welfare board
    should take up this issue with Union Labour Minister.
  • Marriage expenses should at least be raised up to 1 lakh.
  • Minimum tenfold increase should be made in the cases of accident, death and funeral benefits.
  • Student scholarship should be increased and made simple, all the
    govt school teachers should get the notification well in advance and
    implement it. Parents whose wards are in private schools in the EWS quota should get the benefits as usual.  Parents whose wards are studying in the village/ or any part of the country should be eligible for the benefits.
  • Last year children?s scholarships have yet not been received, the workers wards should get them immediately.
  • Registered construction workers should get immediate Health
    benefits, though there is provision nothing is happening as of now.
  • Mandatory issuance of new cards within one month
    should be adhered to after the necessary formalities get completed.
  • On site registration of workers is useless unless there is commitment
    to provide the benefits as most of the workers are migrant and keep on moving in and out of Delhi frequently and many of them never return to the city again.
  • Nothing has happened to those workers who had applied in 2013,
    after completion of 2 years registration for cycles and sewing machines; they should get the benefits immediately.
  • Construction workers welfare Board should form Block level workers
    complaint redress committees and union representatives should be part of these committees.
  • Registered construction workers should get work in priority basis where ever work is happening in the capital or in National capital region. Government and private work labour should be prioritized
    for the registered construction workers.
  • All papers regarding issuance and renewal of cards should properly be maintained to avoid any kind of malpractices at the district offices. There have been complaints that records are not properly been managed.
  • All workers of all unions should come physically for verification and the check and cross check in front of the IO (Inspection officer) is final and board workers should not harass the workers by calling the workers afterwards and asking uncomfortable questions after the verifications are over in the district offices.
  • The Board should come up with a white paper on the entire gamut of cess collection, its mandate and what it has achieved so far and the future strategies to augment cess collection.
  • Board should identify Labour Chowks throughout the city where
    construction workers gather largely in the morning/ throughout the day with all amenities including a permanent shelter, water and toilet facilities.
  • There have been many cases where construction workers are getting
    duped or get indulged in unnessary disputes regarding their payments. Board should take necessary steps to fight such cases on workers behalf.
  • Last but not the least, board should ensure that its district level workers should work only for the issues related to construction workers  board,  not get indulged in the day to day work of the labour department.

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